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Emily Wong
Pleasanton, CA


"We started our association with socialbuzzin about the same time our business wanted to launch a particular
service for our website. After dealing with the support staff of socialbuzzin, they showed a deep interest in my business first and foremost, then delivered results that exceeded my expectations. And they were very reasonable and professional".





Dr. M. Lim
San Francisco, California


"My existing practice required some new artwork and a corporate logo to suit our needs. I contacted Socialbuzzin.com for a quote, and to my pleasant surprise, they didn't talk about prices right off the bat. They were interested in what I needed first, worked hard to get the art work right, and finally delivered. I had to remind them of their charges before they finally gave me a quote. That was very telling for me. They showed me that my satisfaction came first. They are a refreshing change from other companies".




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Making Word of Mouth Marketing Viral

The world of Business Marketing has evolved into what we would coin as, “Word of Mouth” Marketing. What does this mean? It means that selling your products or services today no longer entails just bringing your goods to the market and expect customers to flock to you. In a world where “web 2.0” has become a catchphrase, marketing yourself has evolved into the realm of networks, links, and “word of mouth”. It is a means of marketing where reputation and personalized approaches work  hand in hand with other conventional forms of marketing.


Are you in search of a Social Networking strategy for your site? Need help in posting updates or managing your accounts? Blogs? We provide social media services tailored for what your company exactly needs. Nothing more, nothing less.

Whether it’s your presence in sites like Twitter, FaceBook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Wordpress, or any other site, we have ALL the solutions for you. If you want solutions to all your questions answered under one roof, you’ve reached the right site. We can help you customize a social media strategy designed to optimize you presence in the Web, increase visibility, get more traffic, and ultimately, grow your business.



What Sets Us Apart From The Pack?



We will analyze, break down and conduct a comprehensive assessment of your business from top to bottom, i.e. – what your services and products are, who are your clients, how do you reach you customers, etc. before we even discuss fees or charges.





We will give you a personalized and customized solution to your needs assuming, of course, that YOUR business goals can be met by our professional staff and more importantly, by what we do.


If your business needs can be met by what we do best, we will spare no effort, withhold no resources, and give you the best tools to your customized business solution.





Assuming, that after you have utilized us, you decide that our services are not helping you achieve your business goals, you can simply walk away. It’s as simple as that and it is how confident we are that we can help your business.



For a competitive startup cost, our experts will determine exactly what you and your business needs, and place you at the middle of everything relevant to you and the way you conduct your business.  

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